Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Murshidabad - a great performance

Reporting from After Care Home for Girls at Shilayan by Priyanka Mueller, Intern of Kolkata Sanved

On the 15th of march the participants of the After Care Home for Girls at Shilayan had a performance at the Shelter Home under the supervising of their DMT trainers Sampa and Soni di.

Sampa and Soni di who are regularly going to Murshidabad to teach the Children at the Shelter Home DMT prepared with the participants a performance. The preparations begun a long time ago and finally the date of the performance should come.

On Monday the 11th Sampa and Soni di travelled already to Murshidabad to do the final settings and preparations with the inhabitants.

On the 13th Sreeja di reached the Home to support Sampa and Soni di. Tuesday Sohini di, Somita di, Bithika and myself travelled to Murshidabad to document everything and support our Trainers.

Bithika and myself got ready and meet Sampa and Soni di at the Shelter Home. There we also meet the DMT participants who were busy practicing the performance to make it perfect.
All of them seemed to be full of anticipation and they practiced very hard so that the final rehearsal ran well.
tiger make - up

Sampa and Soni di did not had to help too much. They knew the steps and everything went well. At the end of the Rehearsal Sampa and Soni di just gave them some few tips and motivated them so that the next day performance would be a full success.

The next day began very early for the Kolkata Sanved Team in Murshidabad. We got ready and the full team went to the After Care Home to meet the participants and to prepare the Roundtable Meeting.

All of the residents expected our arrive.
First we had to prepare the Round table Meeting where Members of different Organisations and of the Shelter Home came to discuss how DMT helped the participants and how the future with DMT can look like.
Round table meeting

During the meeting, Sampa, Soni di and myself helped the performers with their outfits and make up.

The meeting was almost over when the ready made performers walked to the place where the stage was set.

All of them positioned themselves on their positions and waited for the show to start.
The Audience came and took their seats and then it started.
The performance was divided in three groups.

The youngest had a small dance prepared and performed with full of joy.
The next performance was a small theatrical dance. It was about the nature. There were trees, butterflies, tigers, deer, peacocks as well as wind and river.

At the end there was a performance by the older participants who had prepared a dance.
The 30 minute performance was mainly about the nature. Sampa and Soni di choose the nature as the main topic because they feel like, that the nature is a very important part in our life. Without nature we can’t life. And everyone should appreciate the nature with all their creatures like the animals. For them as well dance is very important so they tried to make a performance out of this two very important facts for them.

And it was a full success. To put this two very important topics for the trainers as well as for the participants together and do a performance out of it was successful. The audience liked the performance and they honored all the hours of practicing and hard work with a lot of applause.

A big praise applies on Sampa and Soni di who had more then 80 girls under control and did such a big performance with them.

Also a thanks belongs to the participants that they worked so well with their trainers and made it possible to set such a nice show.

The Trainers and the residents are looking forward to see each other at the next DMT session and to dance all free all their emotions through dance again.
the whole murshidabad team

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