Tuesday, October 30, 2012

PLATFORM BEAT - A Kolkata Sanved Initiative in collaboration with Praajak & supported by India Foundation For The Arts

PLATFORM BEAT - A Moving Experience

Reporting from New Jalpaiguri Station by Priyanka Mueller, Intern of Kolkata Sanved

On Behalf of Kolkata Sanved Sabita Debnath Dance Movement Therapy Trainer, Bithika Roy , Video documentationist, myself along with our Resource person Rajkumar Rajak conducted and organised Platform Beat performance at NJP Station  in Shiliguri which was hold in collaboration with Praajak. 
This initiative supported by India Foundation For The Arts. 

We came together to create a performance which was shown on the 14.10.12 in Shiliguri at the station. The workshop was a 7 days workshop which was held in Shiliguri and never ended because the boys and the trainers staid at the same place which made us feel to be a small family it was a great experience than so we had fun whole day and night and it helped us to get to know each other and to work very easily as a group.

After Breakfast the workshop started with some games sometimes outside in the yard or in our workshop room. Then we did some mediation. Afterwards we had our lunch and then to bring some action back we played the music and had a lot of fun during the free dance. The boys loved to show their movements and their talents.

Then we started with the boys to show them some movies how a performance can look like. We answered questions like ' what is a stage' , 'how to set a play' and and and...
After the boys had an idea and all the questions where answered we started to practice the performance and set the play.

We had no clue what our performance is going to be about but we tried to take things from the boys which they showed us, what they love to do and bring all this movements into a great performace. After some time the kids also saw their costumes and after it everyone was totally in the performance.

Of course sometimes someone forgot the steps but then there were always the others who showed the movements and helped.

The boys were so excited and into the movements that their also practiced them in their free time to become better. More closer the day of the performance came also the boys became more nervous and excited.

On the day of performance when we sat in the bus to go to the station we sang, took pictures and had fun but when we left the bus and walked to the stage which was built for us everyone could feel that the boys and also the trainers are excited, nervous and full of power to rock the stage.

What the boys did.
The show was a complete success.
We got the attention of many people who saw the performance and asked what we are doing and wanted to now more about our work.
The boys had a lot of fun and enjoyed it to get all the attention and all the eyes where on them. And even we had some sound problems that could not stop the boys and disturb their concentration and fun the just danced and performed as they have never done something else.

After 7 days staying day and night together the time to say good bye came and everyone was sad about that. But at the end, we can say we had a lot of fun in these days. We were just like a small family enjoying the time. We as the trainers loved to see the movements and the talents of the boys and the boys enjoyed it t show them to us.