Monday, March 18, 2013

If I can fly

From the 28th to the 31st of January Kolkata Sanved  welcomed the Fine Arts Photographer Brooke Shaden who has specially arrived from America for the "If I can fly" - Workshop.

 The 4-day workshop was insisted on the fact that the Kolkata Sanved Trainers and Trainee tell a story which can be photographically explained by self portraits.
Brooke Shaden and the Kolkata Sanved Team discussing the mood boards

It was not necessary to be their own story. It was the choice of the participants what they wanted to tell. A story about joy, grief, hope, dislikes or likes.
The participants got some time to think about a story and what they want to tell and how they want to express their selves. After some time each of them shared their story with the group and explained their mood boards to them.

The second day started for the girls to think about the details of their mood boards. What is the story about? What is the mood of the situation? How can you express is with one snap?
For all these questions and more Brooke was on their side to help them to find the right way and to create what is in the girls mind.

As the story should be told by self portraits Brooke explained to the girls how a camera works, how to use it, and how to set it to make good pictures.
After lunch time we packed our bags and went to New Market to get all the props for everyone with different story. It took us some time until everyone was satisfied but after a great long day they were happy with the things they found.

A very excited day went by and all of us couldn't wait for the next day to come to shoot our own pictures.

In the morning they already started on their own to do their make up and hair, to get the set ready, and to prepare their clothes/costumes.
They again showed what a great team they are because everyone helped each other with make up ,hair and the whole styling.
Participants are getting ready

And then it started:
One after the other was able to do her self portrait.
While one took a snap the other renewed their lipstick or watched or gave helpful tips.

Brooke Shaden assisted everybody. She gave good tips so that the pictures would look even better and stood to the girls helpfully to their side.

On the last workshop day Brooke took the portraits of the participants  including me, laura, Sohini and Namrata. We have been told to bring our favorite saree or cloth  with us to shoot the pics.

Like the day before we worked as a great team helped each other with the make up and hair styling so that Brooke could start with the first one very soon.
Brooke had for everyone a special pose in her mind so she helped us to feel comfortable in it and took the snaps.
As the trainers and trainees are all dancers and they know their body and how to move it it was very easy for them and for Brooke to set them in the right pose and to click the pictures in a short time.
Brooke with one of the trainee showing her how the picture came out

After all the pictures were taken by Brooke the trainers and trainees styled Brooke and took a portrait of her.

At the end of the workshop we watched all the pictures which were taken in the last 4 days and enjoyed so see how much fun we had.

Kolkata Sanved thanks Laura from Blossomy who established the contact. A special thanks goes to Brooke who specially for this workshop arrived from America without her we could never had such a fantastic workshop and thanks to her for donating a camera. Another thanks belongs to Amy who traveled with Brooke and who is also a photographer, she supported everybody as good as she could.

Throughout the workshop the whole Kolkata Sanved team learned a lot, how to express yourself trough one snap and where to keep the focus and even more. As well the whole team enjoyed these four days a lot and all of us have now new skills which we try to train as often we can.

Thanks to everyone who made this Workshop possible.
the whole workshop team

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