Friday, March 23, 2012

We could have danced all night...

Thursday, 22 March

We danced to a full house at the Lilian Baylis Studio at Sadler's Wells.  We danced our hearts out and what an applause!!!  After the performace each one of us were given a beautiful rose and everyone came to congratulate us.  Some said that they were crying as we performed.  Some said we were so 'tall and powerful' on stage.  We took photographs and laughed and enjoyed the hugs that came around.  It was magical. 

Lost in London

Sunday, March 18. 

It was the first day of rehearsals at Sadler's Wells.  After the excitement of meeting Mafalda aunty again we were taken to the Leslie Edwards studio.  It was our first time at a proper dance studio with a real dance floor and mirrors on the wall.  It was back to hard work - warm up, pilates, practice.  The day flew by and by the end of it all we were tired and hungry.  We were looking forward to our rice and dal dinner at the Indian YMCA.  We ran with Sohini aunty to get on a bus that would take us back to the hostel, climbed the stairs and plonked ourselves on the front seat of the double decker bus.  It was fun watching the streets go by and marveling at how the bus managed to turn in such narrow roads.  We had been traveling for a long time.  Mehraj and Amina were dozing.  Suddenly the bus stopped and the lights were turned on and off.  We realised that we had reached the last stop and were on the other end of our destination!

Our main worry was getting back to the YMCA in time for dinner (it comes with the room you see!).  The journey back took very long with our worst fear coming true - we had missed the 8.30 pm dinner deadline!  By the time we walked into Anwar's restaurant most of us were ready to sleep at the table.  After much bargaining Sohini aunty managed to get a discounted rate for our vegetable biryanis which we gobbled down.  We agreed that though we were tired and had to spend extra on our dinner it was fun to see London from the top of a double decker bus!