Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Raipur...what an experience !!!

It was a first time for the video team…Kolkata Sanved was invited by the Video Volunteers, India Unheard organization for Social news workshop.
Two of our Video team girls Bithika and Tamanna, were invited to be a part of this workshop and be trained as Correspondence for India Unheard news…
The workshop was held in Raipur and was a 4 days workshop from morning 8:30am to late night, 1am or 2 am…the workshop had people from different parts of India like, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Kashmir etc. The Video Volunteers organization team was from Goa, the main head office.
Initially, the girls were very quite and shy to mix with people and unsure of what they were to do …but slowly and steadily towards the end of the workshop, both the girls had made new friends and mixed well with their group members and the organization teams and the older batch.
Even though initially the girls had to be told to be more proactive in the workshop and not worry about the language barrier, the girls with the help of a slight push were good participants.
The workshop was a great experience for both the girls as for the first time, they got to be more independent in their thoughts, actions and got to learn how to conduct themselves outdoors with new people…they were out of their protective nest and yet were able to represent their organization very well.
Their learning was intense, as it covered various activities like how to think of a social issue, how you could cover the issue, the kind of questions they need to deal with to cover the issue and if they could make an impact with that issue…
In spite of their language barrier, especially since the workshop was mainly in Hindi, the girls were able to put forward their queries without shying away.
The girls also for the very first time, held a DMT session during the workshop which was completely planned and conducted by them and was highly enjoyed by all…it was a proud moment for Kolkata Sanved.
The girls returned with more energy, enthusiasm and self confidence …Tamanna from being shy and self conscious, is today more determined to ensure she works hard to achieve her goal, while Bithika though still unsure, is motivated to want to try her hand at making social videos…
Thanks to Video Volunteers, today, Kolkata Sanved feels confident to send our girls independently to their workshops…
Congratulation girls, we are proud of you!

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