Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kolkata Sanved Dancers Share about the Workshop with Mafalda Deville

Jhuma in Rehearsal (front)

At first I was afraid that I could not do such hard movements but when I tried it was not that difficult. In fact, I experienced power. On the last day I wondered if I could become a dancer like Mafalda; I am going to improve my movements.

- Jhuma, Kolkata Sanved DMT trainee

Amina (front) and Mafalda Deville

When the workshop started I was a little afraid but I overcame the fear and nervousness. The movements were bold and I like bold movements. I had done a little of this kind of dance before. The movements helped me feel that I am moving ahead with my life. I loved the workshop.

- Amina, Kolkata Sanved DMT trainee 

Mehraj in Rehearsal

I have done many workshops but this one was different. I was able to use my whole body and I was able to do several movements which I had never thought of doing. The best part was that there was no music for the entire workshop. In spite of that, we all danced with full energy. Initially, we were all upset about our bodies aching after rehearsal but, within a week, we realized that our bodies were prepared to handle whatever movements were given. Now it seems that all of the movements are quite easy. I will remember this workshop forever and I will try to apply several things I learned from Mafalda in in DMT classes.

- Mehraj, Kolkata Sanved Senior DMT Trainer 

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