Thursday, November 15, 2012

Light a Candle in a Child's Heart

Every child should have a light in his heart. Children are very special. And  therefore, they should be celebrated every day and reminded that they have that special light in them.
Since this is sometimes missed out we took the Children's Day on occasion to celebrate the children and show them how important they are.
This year our children’s Day theme was “Light a candle in a Child’s heart”.
All the preparations that had to be done, the decoration and the errands made us feel full of anticipation. Finally the last hand grips had to be made and we were ready waiting for our guests and especially for the children.
When the bus full packed with all the children of Hamari Muskan arrived the joy was great. We welcomed them. Then we sat in the yard which we decorated just for them. There we talked, did a final rehearsal for the performance and inflated balloons with which we played.
The time passed by very quickly and soon all the other guests came. One of our guest was Alokananda Roy, a famous awarded dancer. We were very happy and glad to have her with us and that she took the time to celebrate with us this special day for children.
With her help, we unleashed our Diwali fire.
 The girls of Hamari Muskan had prepared a performance. They danced full of pride.
But also the other children had prepared something and everyone was full of pride to show their prepared performances. It was a lot of fun, watching the performances. The program was fulfilled with dancing, singing, drumming and poems pre said and more.
Whether young or old, we are all children, and so everyone took part in the free dance and everyone, without exception enjoyed it.
And after that everyone was hungry and we were thankful for strengthening.
We lit all over the office the lights and when everywhere the lights very on and everyone had a sparklers ignited it looked like a complete sea full of candles.
But every enjoyable day has to end sometime so we thank all the children who made this day unforgettable and amused all of us we hope we could kindled a new light in all these children’s heart.


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