Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Three More Girls To Perform in London

Dear Friends,
We are happy to inform you that we have reached our goal! We successfully raised $5,000 to fly three more of our dancers to London to perform in the Sadler's Wells Connect Festival, 2012. 

We want to personally thank all of our supporters. Special mention goes to those who gave at the Energize Level and above through our Indiegogo campaign.

Calpana & Atul Arya , Michele Baer , Sally Davies, Shivonne Dubarry, Ashley Dutta, Micki Estuesta, Kate Huckabay,  Karen Kealoha, Jane Kelso, Hemanto Mukherjee, Ramona Mukherjee, Shreya Sanghani, Aditya Sarkar,  Samrat Sengupta.

Thank you for standing  against exploitation.

“The mission and continued achievements of Sohini and the Kolkata Sanved team are such an inspiration! To fight trafficking while also promoting empowerment with each step is an immeasurably worthy cause. I am sending much love and prayers that you exceed your goal, and ultimately bring this world closer to being free of violence and oppression. “ Ramona Mukherjee

“As a total believer in the power of the arts for social change and the transformative work of Kolkata Sanved, I wholeheartedly support this effort and send my best to all the dancers and other people involved in this project. - Michele Baer 

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